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KONG Dental Extreme

KONG Dental Extreme

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KONG products are a long-standing favourite of ours, and these dental sticks are a great way to provide some mechanical chewing action to keep teeth in tip-top shape - my tip-top tip is to smear a blob of the Shy Tiger toothpaste to it .... 

The KONG Dental rubber dog toy is designed for cleaning teeth and gums while giving an appropriate chewing outlet and supporting a dog's instinctual needs. Made out of KONG Extreme Rubber formula, the KONG Dental toy has grooves that help clean teeth. Stuff the inside of the grooves and the toy with your dog's favorite treats for added enjoyment. Want to extend your dog's chew time? Stuff with KONG Snacks and entice with a dollop of KONG Easy Treat.

  • Rewards appropriate behavior

  • KONG Extreme Rubber formula for long-lasting chew sessions

  • Fill with KONG Easy Treat to extend playtime

Available in one size: Large

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