Your Whole Dog

Cooperative care. Fitness. Enrichment. Massage.

Your Whole Dog offers a holistic approach to canine behaviour and wellness, addressing behavioural issues by assessing and meeting needs, and improving your dog's physical health with functional movement and bodywork.

Helping you make your dog's day better

  • Cooperative Care

    Struggling with vet visits and grooming?

    These are hard for many dogs. The good news is that cooperative care training can make a HUGE difference at reducing the stress and fear, and maybe even make it fun.

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  • Canine Fitness, Conditioning and Therapeutic Exercise

    All dogs can benefit from a fitness and exercise, whether they be young or old, athlete or couch potato.

    Your Whole Dog provides carefully crafted canine fitness, therapeutic exercise and movement programs, specific to your dog's needs

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  • Behaviour, Training and Enrichment

    Meeting needs IS the plan! Enrichment opportunities come in many forms and should be the basis of any behaviour plan.

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  • Canine Massage and Bodywork

    Dogs of all varieties can benefit from massage and complementary bodywork to ensure they're living their best lives.

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Your one-stop enrichment shop

At Your Whole Dog you'll find a thoughtfully curated selection of food puzzles, slow feeders, snuffle mats, and the snacks to put in them.

In addition, I also stock Flexiness canine fitness equipment, MediPaw recovery suits and boots, the Blue-9 Balance Harness, Trailblazing Tails' superb leashes and longlines, and Shy Tiger's toothpaste and natural health support.

Everything I sell is dog-friendly and compatible with my positive reinforcement, enrichment and low-stress ethics. It has been tried and tested by us before being offered for sale, and all is in regular use at home. 

In short: if I won't use it, I won't sell it.