Continuing Education and Professional Development

I frequently participate in continuing education and professional development opportunities and am happy to publish them here with the aim to be transparent in an industry that is unregulated. Ask questions of your chosen professional; they should be enthusiastic and proud to share their education with you.

Online Courses:

Raw Feeding Masterclass, Dr Conor Brady

ACE Dog Detective, Sarah Fisher & Animal Centred Education

The Hip Dysplasia Mini Course, The Total Canine

Enrichment Framework for Behaviour Modification Master Class, Pet Harmony

Role Of Nutrition on the Behaviour of Dogs, Dr Conor Brady

Fitness Connections, The Total Canine

Progression Stagnation, The Total Canine

Advanced Taping Applications, Christa Veinotte

The Shoulder Injury Mini Course, The Total Canine

RockTape FMT Canine Kinesiology Taping, Northeast Seminars and RockTape

Masters Class in Canine Nutrition, The Science Dog

CAM Advocate, Canine Arthritis Management

Better Veterinary Visits, Karen Pryor Academy

The Natural Dog Health Masterclass, Health Masters Live

Dog Trainer Foundations, Karen Pryor Academy

Live Seminars, Workshops and Conferences:

APDT Australia Conference 2023, with Dr Conor Brady, Sarah Fisher, Susan Friedman PhD, Diane Garrod, Dr Matthew Muir, Dr Chris Pachel, et al

Aggression in Dogs and Defensive Handling, Michael Shikashio

APDT NZ Conference 2022, keynote speaker Michael Shikashio

Aggression in Dogs – Defensive Handling and Training, with Michael Shikashio and Trish McMillan 

APDT NZ Conference 2019, keynote speaker Ken Ramirez

Hidden Potential, Sarah Stremming

Clarity Rules, Sarah Stremming

Coaching the Canine Athlete, Chris Zink

Jumping Gymnastics, Leslie Eide and Sarah Stremming

Rehab Professionals & Sports Medicine, Leslie Eide, DVM, CCRT

Worked Up!, Sarah Stremming

TTouch Workshop for Dogs, Robyn Hood


Webinars and classes:

I regularly take webinars and classes through various education providers including Aggressive Dog, Karen Pryor Academy, Grisha Stewart, dog i-box, Fear Free, Fenzi Dog Sports Academy (FDSA), Dogs 4 Motion.

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