Collection: SNUFFLE Stuff

Snuffling and foraging are normal dog behaviours, and ones we should encourage and enable regularly. They are also considered to be calming, self-soothing behaviours.

Grass makes for a wonderful snuffle mat, and it's free - chuck a handful of food on the lawn and let your dog have at it.

For other times, these snuffle mats are handy to have around, and are easily portable. Make sure you take one with you when you're at the vet and in new places. 

If your style is more the casual scatter, then the Paw5 Wooly snuffle mat is a good choice. This is also what I'd recommend if your dog is likely to enthusiastically use their teeth! 

The snuffle balls and rings are a fun interactive option, that are suited to the nose-proficient snuffler.