Pre-order Info

What is a pre-order? How do they work? What items are pre-orders? So many questions!

A lot of the items I stock are imported, and all of them can be pre-ordered. 

As a general guide, the things that are the 'big ticket' items are the ones I most frequently take pre-orders for. For example: 

- Manners Minders (Treat-and-Train)

- Flexiness canine fitness equipment

- ScratchPad for Dogs

- Trailblazing Tails longlines and leashes

Pre-orders guarantee that you will get what you want. They also guarantee the price you pay.

To let me know you'd like to pre-order, please email me:

Pre-orders are invoiced (through Xero and sent to you via email) at the time I collate and send the order, and they need to be paid by or on the invoice date.

Once the shipment has arrived at my place and I've got your stuff ready to go, I'll email you the tracking number so that you can eagerly await your delivery! 

If you have any questions, please get in touch and I'll be happy to help.