Behaviour and Training

Understanding our dogs, setting them up for success, and teaching them how to comfortably navigate our world is the least we can do. 

Whether you need stress reduction at the vets, help with nails, confidence-and-bravery building games, strategies for reactivity, or anything in between, Your Whole Dog provides one-to-one private behaviour consults.

Initial consultation

Be prepared: I ask lots of questions!

I want to know all about you and your dog(s), and what your day-to-day life and routine is. As well as discussing their behaviour, I want to know what they like to do, what they eat, I will observe the way they move, I want details of their sleep and their exercise. After all, we're considering your whole dog.

Initial consultations are often heavy on discussion, with a lot of questions and history-taking to help identify and understand the the issue/s. We need to understand the 'why' before we address the 'how'.

A gait and posture analysis will be included if there's any suspicion that pain or health issues may be a contributing factor.

I will then provide recommendations for you to implement.

Initial consultation - $205

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Follow up appointments

Follow up appointments are likely to be a mix of discussion and practical skills, depending on the situation and how you're going with implementing the initial plan. We can go through foundation skills in more detail if we identify gaps that need plugging; a thorough understanding of these will help you succeed.

Follow up appointments booked casually - $95

Follow up appointments can be also be booked and pre-paid:

  • three sessions - $265
  • five sessions - $405
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If you have questions, or wish to discuss your dog's behaviour needs, please email


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