Gait and Posture Assessment

We know that health and pain can have a detrimental effect on behaviour, and can hinder learning. And, sometimes it's hard to figure out what's what! 

Perhaps you already have a feeling that something isn't quite right, and need some help to identify the what.

Maybe you are already working with a training and behaviour professional and would like to rule out pain and health issues as possible causes of whatever challenges your dog has.

Appointments for a gait and posture assessment are now available as a standalone appointment. 

If you would like an in-home appointment at your place, these are available on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. 

By observing a dog's gait and posture, we can identify: 

  • areas of weakness
  • asymmetries

- these can be indicative of underlying musculoskeletal or neurological issues,

- often contributing to discomfort, pain, and behaviour change.

    Following your appointment I will analyse the video and compile a report. This is not intended to be diagnostic in and of itself; it is an added tool to help your veterinary professional determine if there is anything that could be causing issues.


    • Gait and Posture Appointment - $250

      A single consultation (allow 60-90 minutes) consultation covering

      • full history
      • health
      • daily life & activities
      • gait & posture assessment

      Providing you with

      • a report
      • an accompanying video
      • documenting any areas of concern
      • recommendations to support follow up investigations where appropriate

    All charges are inclusive of GST, card processing fees, and travel within the Wellington region, as indicated on the map.

    Outside of this area, travel charged at $1.10/km

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