Gait and Posture Analysis

Pain: The Link Between Physical Discomfort and Behaviour

Did you know there’s a link between behaviour issues and pain? 

Many guardians are unaware that their dog's behavioural issues may stem from underlying physical pain or discomfort. Your Whole Dog’s canine Gait and Posture Analysis is a valuable tool to help you uncover these issues.

How pain affects behaviour:

  • Increased irritability, including aggression
  • Reluctance to play
  • Slowing down on walks
  • Changes in sleep patterns
  • Excessive licking or chewing of specific body areas
  • Decreased tolerance for handling or grooming
  • Unusual vocalisation (e.g. whining, growling)
  • Anxiety or restlessness

An analysis can help identify:

  • Subtle gait abnormalities indicating pain
  • Postural shifts that may signal discomfort
  • Muscle tension or asymmetry
  • Signs of compensatory movement

By addressing physical pain, we often see significant improvements in behaviour.

If you've noticed changes in your dog's behaviour or if previous training hasn't yielded results, a gait and posture analysis could be the key to understanding and addressing the root cause of your dog's issues.

In-home appointments at your place are available on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. 

Following your appointment I will analyse the video and compile a report. This is not intended to be diagnostic in and of itself; it is observations, and an added tool to help your veterinary professional determine if there is anything that could be causing issues.

If you have questions, and wish to discuss if this could help you with your dog's behaviour, please email

  • Gait and Posture Appointment - $245

    A single consultation (allow 60-90 minutes) covering

    • full history
    • health
    • daily life & activities
    • gait & posture assessment

    Providing you with

    • a report
    • documenting any areas of concern
    • recommendations to support follow up investigations where appropriate
    • an accompanying video

All charges are inclusive of GST, card processing fees, and travel within the Wellington region, as indicated on the map.

Outside of this area, travel charged at $1.10/km

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