Online Booking is LIVE

Online Booking is LIVE

Online booking has made it to Your Whole Dog 🤩

It saves both of us fro the diary dance shuffle; you can just swoop in and book 24/7. Happy days!

Of course if you want to send me an email first, you are always welcome to. In fact, I encourage it!

It's likely that I'll do some twiddling and fiddling as things evolve, but for now I'm going with 'done is better than perfect', and celebrating the milestone 🥂

Each service tab has its own booking button that takes you to the right appointment type. Magic!

- Nails a struggle, vet visits a nightmare? Cooperative Care is what you want:

- In need of some movement work, help with weight loss, or a fitness plan? Canine Fitness and Conditioning is the answer:

- Aging dog, stressed dog, recovering from an injury? Then you'll want Canine Massage and Bodywork:

- Behaviour issues? Solved through enrichment? What the? Let's talk training and behaviour:

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