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MediPaw: Healing Slim Boot

MediPaw: Healing Slim Boot

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Top tip & a special offer:

One of the things I've learned since using these boots with my own dogs is that it's handy to have a spare. One to wear and one for the wash!

If you buy two at the same time you'll automatically receive a 10% discount on your purchase.


These boots protects wounds without a bandage from biting, licking, scratching, in final stages of healing on front and rear legs.


Facilitates healing

The healing slim boot features a soft, antimicrobial lining to protect wounds that are in the end stages of healing. Naturally wicking bamboo and silver fabric improves healing by reducing moisture and bacterial threats.

Protects wounds while indoors

Breathable nylon shell protects from excessive licking and irritation. The soft anti-skid bottom provides traction on slippery surfaces.

Going outdoors?

*We recommend using a Rugged X-Boot to cover the healing slim boot during inclement weather.

Directions for use

Monitor the wound at least 2 to 3 times per day (more often in warmer climates) for signs of infection: foul odour, swelling, redness, pain, heat, discharge.

Monitor boot for slippage, wet/damp boot or lining, chafing.

* Tip: Turn the healing slim boot inside out to spot clean or throw in the washing machine. Be sure to hang dry and keep a second healing slim boot handy for use during drying time.

To ensure you select the right size, measure your dog.                             


Please check your measurements carefully.
For hygiene reasons this product cannot be returned if you have selected the wrong size or item.



Need help with measuring? My top tip is to have your dog's paw on a piece of paper, draw lines either side and then measure the gap. Wolly helps me show you how


Not sure which boot you need? Here, I talk through all three.

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