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MediPaw: Rugged X-Boot

MediPaw: Rugged X-Boot

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In theory I should be able to add Australia as a shipping destination, but alas the time I did that it broke the shop and nobody in New Zealand could order. Ooops. So, whilst I try and figure it out, we do it the ol' fashioned way.

Top tip & a special offer:

One of the things I've learned since using these boots with both of my own dogs is that it's handy to have a spare. One to wear and one for the wash! If you buy two at the same time you'll automatically receive a 10% discount on your purchase.


These boots offer longer lasting protection and are ideal for hard casts, splints, thick bandages, and highly active pets on front and rear legs.



Longer lasting protection

The rugged x-boot provides optimum traction and long lasting protection so pets can go outside comfortably while keeping their bandage clean and dry.

Greater mobility

Constructed with a durable, molded bottom to accommodate thick dressings, wider splints, or patients with difficult gaits on difficult terrain.

User friendly design

Waterproof, breathable material easily slides over cast or bandage and adjustable Velcro straps cinch easily at the narrowest part of the leg for a secure fit. Upper drawstring closure keeps the boot in place, and prevents urine or rain from getting in through the top.


To ensure you select the right size, measure your dog 



Please check your measurements carefully.
For hygiene reasons this product cannot be returned if you have selected the wrong size or item. 




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