February is Dental Health Month!

February is Dental Health Month!

Apparently February is Pet Dental Health month ... so, what better time to commit to your dog's dental care? 

We all want our pets to live a long and healthy life, and to do that, dental health is so important!

I use and stock the Shy Tiger dog toothpaste; it's made with natural ingredients and is free from the myriad of weird things found in many of the commercial products.

 Using toothpaste isn’t as intimidating as you think. And if you're struggling to get started there are options:

- book a consult with me, 

- join one of the cooperative husbandry training groups on Facebook (links below),

- use valid hacks! I have several ...

During the month of February the Shy Tiger toothpaste is 10% off. Automatic discount, no code needed.

Recommended resources for cooperative husbandry:

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