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Trailblazing Tails: The Sunny

Trailblazing Tails: The Sunny

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These leashes are my new favourite thing! No more soggy leashes on rainy days, a really nice length for sniffy walks, just perfect.

THE TRAINER'S CHOICE: The Sunny is the only multifunctional dog leash you will ever want to touch! This unicorn of a leash was created to be lightweight to allow the dog and their handler maximum communication as well as options.

The perfect leash for a stroll anywhere, with the patent-pending hands-free innovation (Adjustable Length Color Tab), you can adjust the length to fit around your waist or over your shoulder! It also allows for dual control, tethering, double-dog, and always with the ability to adjust its length. This is the leash you'll want to pass down through generations. 

1/2 inch leash available in:
  • 6 feet - dark brown with teal tabs
  • 8 feet - black with light-brown tabs
5/8 inch leash available in:
  • 6 feet - dark brown with orange tabs
  • 8 feet - black with orange tabs
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