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Shy Tiger: Soothe + Calm DAY Serum (100mL)

Shy Tiger: Soothe + Calm DAY Serum (100mL)

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A staple here at Your Whole Dog during massages.

Soothe + Calm Day is a blend of dog calming pure Tasmanian lavender oil to reduce stress and help manage emotions throughout the day. It works alongside the emotional balancing powers of ylang ylang and nervous system soothers such as Australian sandalwood to calm your dog.

Also available as a spray.


- Australian grown lavender for its gentle soothing and dog calming benefits.
- Ylang ylang complete is added for its ability to balance negative and positive emotions – excellent for dogs that aren’t too fond of owners leaving them alone.
- Sweet Marjoram supports the hormone and nervous system plus it is a muscle soother – many stressed dogs need help with muscle tension.
- Australian Sandalwood is another powerhouse for the emotions – helps to reduce aggression, irritability, fear and is generally grounding in nature.
- Peru Balsam to help promote a tranquil environment
- Roman chamomile for general behaviour concerns, and, like lavender, it is wonderfully soothing for the skin.

Instructions for use

Pump directly on to your hands or dog and massage into coat. You can apply anywhere on your dog’s coat, or specifically along the back, or gently massage in to their tummy if preferred. Alternatively, apply directly to pet accessories (such as a bandana or their collar) or even their bedding, however excessive application on material may result in oil staining when using the serum.

Less is more! Introduce slowly with 1 pump, once per day and gradually increase number of pumps and frequency to desired effect. Monitor for signs of sensitivity such as excess drooling, redness or itchiness. Do not apply directly on dog’s face or on to broken skin.

Ensure product is absorbed before your dog is allowed to jump on to any beautiful lounges, beds or soft furnishings!


Fractionated coconut oil, lavender essential oil (Lavandula augustifolia), ylang ylang complete essential oil (Cananga odorata), sweet marjoram essential oil (Origanum majorana), Australian sandalwood essential oil (Santalum spicatum), peru balsam essential oil (Muroxylon balsamum), roman chamomile essential oil (Anthemis nobilis).

Choosing the serum or spray

There are two formulations for your preference in the dog calming range.

The serum base includes fractionated coconut oil. Smooth and light, it absorbs well into the coat, is nourishing to the skin and doesn’t stain the fur. It is great for dogs that enjoy touch and when a little massage will help soothe. It is also complimentary for dogs that have skin concerns.

The spray formulation has an orange flower floral water base so has a different aroma to the serum. It is great for a quick spray before you’re about to head out the door or also works well on a bandana. It can work slightly faster than the serum as the aroma is aerosolised in to the air so goes through the nose straight to the brain

Both formulations have been designed for dogs. Most dogs possess a 40 times greater sense of smell compared to humans. These blends have been designed to take this in to account so as to not overwhelm them; they are gentle yet effective.

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