ScratchPad for Dogs
ScratchPad for Dogs
ScratchPad for Dogs
ScratchPad for Dogs

ScratchPad for Dogs

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May update: they have sold out. Again!

More are on order. If you want to ensure you get your hands on one, please email me - and I'll add you to my pre-order list and send you an invoice.

These are quite simply brilliant!


Is your dog nervous about nail clipping, trimming, or grinding? Take the fear and stress out of nail care by teaching them to do it themselves. Using a ScratchPad scratch board, your dog creates a positive association with nail maintenance and is able to choose to proceed at their own pace. Dogs can maintain front AND hind nails on a ScratchPad!

This is the Original ScratchPad for Dogs: a stress-free, fun nail filing solution for your dog that is proven effective and durable!

This is the ONLY scratch board product on the market that is Fear Free® endorsed.  

There's a training guide included with every purchase (and there are YouTube videos you can watch). 

These scratch boards are double-sided and come with a combination of coarse and medium grits. Medium grit is a great, all-purpose texture.  Use coarse if your dog has large or extra hard nails (like Tigg!).

The sanding surface is an upgraded, professional quality for extreme durability, and a refill pack is included in the purchase.

ScratchPads are 10" x 24" - big enough for large dogs, and still suitable for smaller breeds. For small dogs, I'd recommend turning the board on its side.

ScratchPads are a handmade product, made in the USA.