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Millers Forge: Red-Handled Nail Clippers

Millers Forge: Red-Handled Nail Clippers

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If you're going to clip your dog's nails, you need the right tool for the job!

The red-handled Miller Forge are recommended by most of the cooperative husbandry groups, and for good reason. They are sharp. They make it easy to take tiny slivers. They allow you to follow the alternate cut line. All of which means that they don't crush the nail.

I always recommend that you practice on a chopstick before you go anywhere near your dog's nail.

Quality nail clippers are a must have for any groomer or pet owner.

The ever-popular red-handled Millers Forge® pet nail clippers feature comfortable plastic grips and a built-in blade guard to prevent over-cutting.

  • Durable plier-style nail clipper provides quick and precise cutting for dogs of almost any size.
  • Comfortable plastic grips offer a secure hold.
  • The spring-loaded cutting mechanism offers a clean and easy cut that trims the nail on the first try, alleviating stress for pets.
  • Built-in safety stop can be moved into position to prevent over-cutting or harming your pet.
  • Lock holds trimmers closed for safe storage. Heat-treated stainless steel is made to withstand years of use.


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