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Your Whole Dog

FouFou: Hide 'n Seek Snuffle Cloud

FouFou: Hide 'n Seek Snuffle Cloud

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Sniffing, snuffling and foraging are activities that are strongly encouraged by Your Whole Dog, and this is a perfect gift for the sniffer in your life!

These are designed to be interactive snuffle toys, used under supervision. 

Our Snuffle Cloud nose work toy is unique combination of the Snuffle Ball and Snuffle Mat! Dogs can forage for treats inside this toy, while the non-slip base prevents it from sliding around. Perfect for keeping your dog occupied and engaged, while learning how to effectively use their nose and getting rewarded with tasty treats along the way!

*NOTE: Please use this toy for nose work and treat foraging only. Once treats have been found, remove toy to preserve longevity of toy.

Difficulty Level: 

Other Benefits:

  • Keeps your dog busy and occupied

  • Encourages stimulation of all their senses

  • Helps to relieve separation anxiety

  • Interactive and fun

  • Improves your dog's cognition

Available in one size (7.5")


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