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Flexiness StackingBar

Flexiness StackingBar

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The latest product from Flexiness!


  • These are sold as single bars and have different stability levels:
  • Light Purple is best suited for larger dogs and beginners
  • Pink is best suited for small dogs and those that are more advanced and familiar with equipment.
Both variants are
  • 35x15x5cm
  • inflatable
  • have different surfaces on either side
    • one is flat with the inscription and logo
    • the other has a wave pattern (like that of the SensiMat V2), which supports a parallel posture
  • can be used with SensiMat V1 or V2 for more stability as the nubs interlock
  • 2 different stability levels
    • Pink = smaller dogs / advanced dogs
    • Light Purple = larger dogs/beginners

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