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Flexiness SensiMat - V1-V2-V3

Flexiness SensiMat - V1-V2-V3

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These are wonderfully versatile non-slip mats! 

“Especially designed for your dogs paws”

- Tactile stimulation is activated and perception is increased.

- The Flexiness® SensiMats are available in different structures and shapes and are very well accepted by dogs.

- The Flexiness® SensiMats are suitable as a support on other devices or on the floor.

Flexiness® SensiMats V1, V2 & V3

These are available with 3 different patterns, all are very well accepted by dogs. The bumps are rounded at the top. 

V1: straight

V2: waves

V3: diamond

Available in blue

30 x 60 cm


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