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Calm Dog Games - Brain Games & Enrichment Activity Deck

Calm Dog Games - Brain Games & Enrichment Activity Deck

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Packed full of everyday brain games for dogs, enrichment ideas, DIY puzzle toys and activities for interactive play!

Specifically designed to help you to develop calmness, confidence and connection with your dog in a quick, easy and stress-free format.

Provides mental stimulation to satisfy your dog’s cognitive wellbeing and enrichment to relieve stress, helping you achieve a more relaxed, chilled and calm household ~ all within a few minutes a day.

Play, bond and learn more about your dog!

What’s inside the box?

  • Deck of 52 Game Cards – The front of each card is decorative and features different illustrated dogs. The reverse of each game provides instructions for the games and activities. 
  • 5 colour-coded Key Categories: Calm, Focus, Play, Puzzle & Bond
  • Booklet for additional guidance and progressive activity levels.

 Scent games – become part of your dog’s #1 activity!
 Enrichment activities – includes easy DIY puzzle feeding activities & provides an appropriate outlet for expressing natural & stress relieving behaviours.
 Brain games – boosts your dog’s confidence and motivation levels.
 Bonding exercises – strengthens your relationship through working together.
 Stealth training – reinforces positive behaviours such as toy sharing, recall, proximity and responsiveness while your dog just thinks you’re the most fun person ever.

Our approach is always positive reinforcement!

Perfect for:

  • Daily mental stimulation.
  • Adverse weather conditions (heatwaves, storms etc).
  • Restricted exercise & recovery from injury.
  • Making you more interesting to your dog (especially in distracting environments).
  • Helping your dog to settle in new situations.
  • Occupying your dog and directing them onto calm acitivities  when you have guests.
  • Post-walk calmness & decompression days.
  • Developing a relationship with a new dog.
  • Getting the whole family involved with your dog (always supervise children).
  • For people or dogs with limited mobility.
  • Older dogs 
  • Busy times.
  • Engaging puppies without overexercising them.
  • Fosterers, rescue centre workers and other dog-professionals; boarders, groomers, walkers etc.
Especially good for dogs who are: High energy | Highly intelligent | Busy-bodies | Working bred | Get bored easily | Low confidence | Lack focus | Limited mobility

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