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Blue-9: INSPIRE Training Treat Pouch

Blue-9: INSPIRE Training Treat Pouch

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This is a lovely streamlined treat pouch. I ordered one a while back to try, and absolutely love it.

Roomy, but not bulky. It's my new go-to for training at home, and for in-home visits. Basically any time I don't need all the extra pockets and additional paraphernalia, and I'm not out in the rain! 

It's the treat pouch you want to wear when you want one that blends in.

It's kinda chic and stylish! 

Here's what Blue-9 have to say about them: 

Durability and convenience with a unique snap-back closure.

Not excited about stuffing your pockets with smelly treats or strapping on an overbuilt dog treat bag? We weren't either. That's why our experts developed a slim and simple solution that makes it a snap to bring your dog training treats and personal essentials on your next walk, run or trip to the dog park.

Designed by dog training professionals for maximum comfort, accessibility and durability, this lightweight dog treat pouch makes it simple to reward your pup with a proprietary snap-back access system that keeps things secure without zippers or hinges. Simply reach in and it closes automatically. 

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