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Tu Meke Friend: Lamb and Mackerel Snacks

Tu Meke Friend: Lamb and Mackerel Snacks

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Ideally sized for training treats!

I look for natural ingredient, minimally processed treats, and I prefer ones that are going to offer some nutrition to the daily intake. I recommend you do too! 

These can also be used as a meal topper, and ideal for some foraging and snuffling.

This is what Tu Meke Friend have to say about their product:

Air Dried Dog Snacks - Gourmet Lamb & Mackerel

Your dog will happily beg for more of this delicious mix. Pure lamb and Omega-rich mackerel boost healthy skin, a glossy coat and improved digestion. And green lipped mussel keeps their joints moving.

High Protein | Low Carbs | Green Lip Mussel | Grain Free

Ingredients: Mackerel, Lamb, Ovine Tripe, Lamb Kidney, Lamb Liver, Lamb Heart, Green Lipped Mussel Powder, Natural Antioxidant by (Plant Base)

Guaranteed Analysis: Crude Fibre 0.4%, Ash 7.04%, Fat Content 42.1%, Moisture 7.21%, Protein 43.8%

Pack size: 150g
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