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Flexiness SensiMat - V5-Paw - PRE-ORDER

Flexiness SensiMat - V5-Paw - PRE-ORDER

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Pre-orders for the next shipment of Flexiness items are available when I don't currently have one on the shelf. Placing a pre-order ensures you don't miss out.

You are always welcome to email me - - if you have any questions.

If you order anything else at the same time, they will all be shipped together when the Flexiness shipment arrives. If you want your other purchases sooner, please place a separate order for those.


These are wonderfully versatile non-slip mats! 

“Especially designed for your dogs paws”

- Tactile stimulation is activated and perception is increased.

- The Flexiness® SensiMats are available in different structures and shapes and are very well accepted by dogs.

- The Flexiness® SensiMats are suitable as a support on other devices or on the floor.

Flexiness® SensiMat V5 – Paw

The SensiMat V5  matches the size and shape of the PawDisc.

V5: Paw

Available in blue

45 x 42cm

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