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Training with YWD

Your Whole Dog offers one-to-one training consultations.

Initial consultation - $135

Follow up appointments booked casually - $75

Follow up appointments booked as a pre-paid package are also available:

three sessions - $210 

five sessions - $335

Day-training and training walks (sessions are 45-60 minutes) - $75

Shorter, split sessions are available on a case-by case basis and depending on the needs of your dog and your training goals. 

For clients who wish to have an ongoing, regular appointment, a reduced rate can be quoted.

Fitness and Rehab Walks

These solo, individualised, age-appropriate, fitness and rehab walks are ideal for:

- seniors that appreciate a slower pace

- dogs that are currently, or no longer, able to undertake their regular walking and/or daycare activities due to physical limitations or injury

If you are currently under the care of a rehab or veterinary professional, they can provide me with your plan which I will use to tailor the walk and incorporate some exercises appropriately and safely.

Walks are usually 45-60 minutes, and I reserve the right to shorten the walk if I believe it to be in the dog's best interests on any given day.

$48 for up to an hour's walk.