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Walking with YWD

Your Whole Dog currently offers a variety of individualised walks.

Fitness and Rehab Walks

These solo, individualised, age-appropriate, fitness and rehab walks are ideal for:

- seniors that appreciate a slower pace

- dogs that are currently, or no longer, able to undertake their regular walking and/or daycare activities due to physical limitations or injury

If you are currently under the care of a rehab or veterinary professional, they can provide me with your plan which I will use to tailor the walk and incorporate exercises appropriately and safely.

Walks are usually 45-60 minutes, and I reserve the right to shorten the walk if I believe it to be in the dog's best interests on any given day.

$48 for up to an hour's walk.

Sniffy Walks

These are for dogs that prefer their own company and are happiest exploring some nature and not having to worry about what's going on around them. We can walk from your home, or travel a short distance to a new spot. I try to ensure I walk in areas that have low people (and dog) traffic, so we can concentrate on minding our own business and getting on with sniffing.

$48 for up to an hour's walk.

Puppy Socialisation and Experience Walks

Good quality socialisation is more about exposure and less about interaction. These walks are individualised and age-appropriate. They are carefully structured training and socialisation exposure to ensure your puppy has a positive experience and learns foundation life-skills.

$48 for up to 45 minutes