Cooperative Care

Training for low-stress and cooperative handling, grooming, health care and veterinary visits is one of Your Whole Dog's specialist (and passion project) areas of interest!

If you and your dog are struggling with grooming, nails, administering medication, or going to the vet, I can help you.

Whether it be one initial consultation to set you on the right path, or a series of appointments to help you progress, reducing the stress for both ends of the leash is the goal.

Initial consultation

Initial consultations start with a lot of discussion and some history-taking to establish our baseline, which then forms my recommendations for you to implement.

Appointments for an initial consultation are available on a Thursday

Initial consultation - $185

Follow-up appointments

Follow-up appointments are likely to be a mix of discussion and practical skills, depending on how you're progressing with implementing my primary recommendations. We can go through foundation and practical training skills in more detail if there are gaps that need plugging to help you succeed.

Appointments for follow-up appointments are available on a Wednesday and Thursday.

Follow-up appointments booked casually - $85

Follow-up appointments can be also be booked and pre-paid:

  • three sessions - $250
  • five sessions - $385

To make enquiries and discuss your cooperative care training needs, please email me at 

I am both Fear Free and Low-Stress Handling certified, and have personal experience of a dog that has been unable to safely receive veterinary care due to their extreme fear. It can be a lonely and difficult experience. I can also attest to the huge benefits of working through the process - which, for me, was a lot of hard and immensely satisfying work.