Covid-19: Traffic Lights & Frameworks

Covid-19: Traffic Lights & Frameworks

Both myself as an individual and Your Whole Dog as a business are fully supportive of Covid-19 public health measures, including vaccination.

Throughout the pandemic I have operated in accordance with the alert level system, and am currently abiding by the requirements of alert level 2.

Once New Zealand has transitioned to the Covid-19 Protection Framework - traffic lights!! - I will be adopting the use of vaccine certificates for all in-person appointments, whether they be at my place or yours. 

In-person appointments can be categorised as a close contact activity, and would be scored as moderate risk on the WorkSafe risk assessment guidelines. Therefore this decision, which is not taken lightly, is for the safety of not just you and I, but also all the other people I will come in to contact with during the course of my work.

Following the new framework will enable me to continue working across all three levels, including during red.

A quote that I read recently perfectly sums up how I feel about this, and I paraphrase it here: I don't like the idea of vaccine mandates and I like the idea of disease and death even less.  


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