Calm. Controlled. Centred.


Do you have an excitable, active, or reactive dog?
Does your dog:
• Get over excited when you prepare for a walk
• Whine excitedly in the car or on walks
• Knock visitors over in excitement
• Lunge or bark at other dogs on walks
• Become frantic when seeing other dogs playing
• Bark at you to play, or for your attention

Calm. Controlled. Centred. will teach you how to train your dog to be calm, especially in the presence of other dogs or events which your dog finds exciting. We will teach your dog how to:
• Relax
• Focus
• Be self-controlled
• Control impulses

Working spots (strictly limited) - $150
Audit spots (also limited) - $75

09:30-16:30 (1 hr lunch break)
Monday 6th April 2020 at Your Whole Dog HQ, Horokiwi
to book, email